¾ Low Rib Panel Is Your Best Friend

3/4" Low Rib¾ Low Rib metal roofing can be used both as a roofing alternative and as a wall panel. This panel is a wonderful option for residential settings and may be installed on both wood and steel frame constructions. The ¾ Low Rib panel is a fantastic go-to panel for roofing and a superior alternative to shingles.

Why Choose ¾ Low Rib Panels

The smaller 6″ ribs on this panel choice offer a less industrial look and are more suitable for residential buildings. Available in numerous finishes to fit any application. When installing the lap fasteners, the low rib panel features a purlin bearing leg that supports the bottom of the panel. This panel is highly suggested for roof slopes of 1:12 or higher.

Your Project’s Success Depends On Many Factors

Different goals, end uses, and needs come with demands that cover several factors and attributes.

Performance, Longevity, and Budget

¾ low rib panels are the best for outstanding performance in a light gauge panel. The end result is a superb metal panel with unrivaled resistance to chalking and fading, as well as the best assurance that your project’s attractiveness will last year after year. The ¾ low rib panel suits perfectly with residential roofs and any building where quality, long-term performance, and budget are important.

When To Choose ¾ Low Rib Panels

In both residential and commercial constructions, this profile can be used for the roof and walls. Soffits, internal wall liners, and partitions are examples of where ¾ low ribs panels may be employed. They can also be mounted horizontally, providing your project a clean and straightforward appearance.

A metal roofing contractor in Arkansas should be able to attend to your metal roof supply needs fast, on time, and undamaged when you choose to work with ¾ low rib panels.

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