3 Steps To Care For Your Old Vent System

Roof ventilation is a crucial part of a home, providing fresh air and taking away the excess heat. When this system ages, many homeowners feel lost at what to do. Roof ventilation damage control needs to be addressed with no delays. It is important to keep in mind that as in any roofing repair task, it is essential to leave it to professionals, yet, here we’ll discuss some steps to take when this happens to manage this situation promptly. 

What To Do When It Ages

In case of a need to replace your roof ventilation, there is a crucial question: how to begin. Sometimes, roofs age through time, and regular maintenance is not enough for a good level of functionality. Here are some steps on how to fix issues with aged roof vents:

1) Remove Old Venting Material 

Ensure you have gloves and goggles on before touching this material, as it can be dangerous. First, remove any skylight covers that might require replacement during the process. Use bolt cutters or a dremel tool with a circular saw blade to cut off screws holding the screen in place.

Afterward, pull out the screen carefully without breaking it so you can reuse it later. Clean up the edges and make sure they are free of rust or other problems before reinstalling them.

2) Make New Vents 

Find the correct size of your old venting material and take measurements for cutting a template before making new ones. Take into consideration that these need to be installed on each level of the roof, too. Please make sure each vent fits perfectly for where it’s needed. 

If an old vent doesn’t need replacement, clean it and be sure it has no rust or broken parts. Roof ventilation maintenance is as important as changing broken parts.

3) Reinstall 

After installing your new vents in each section of the roof, clean up all aluminum screws and either paint over them or coat them with some clear varnish to prevent them from rusting.

Need Help?

Replacing old vents can be a bothersome task, but it needs to be done properly. Finding high-quality metal roofing materials from a contractor is of great help for this. If you live in Greenbrier, AR, contact Metal Roofing Supply to make sure you get top-notch materials for your roofing system.