A Complete Guide On Metal Framing Structures

Many limitations present themselves when using traditional building materials such as wood and mass timber. So what if I told you there’s an alternative that reduces costs while improving the quality of your project? 

Metal framing constructions offer a modern technique that allows a building’s walls and roof to be enclosed mostly in metal instead of wood or concrete. It’s a significant part of the construction industry as they are used in building houses, commercial buildings, and tall structures such as bridges and towers. 

How Does A Metal Framing Construction Work?

It starts with the foundation. A structural steel frame is erected, anchored to the floor below, and reinforced with concrete. Then, it’s coated with a protective surface such as paint or stucco and finished. Metal panels are attached at certain intervals to protect from adverse weather conditions and ensure strength. Last, the floors, walls, and roof are finished to provide a durable and attractive exterior.

It offers strength, durability, and long-term performance. It is cost-efficient as it can withstand more than other materials, and its components can quickly be fabricated off-site and then transported to the construction location when needed, minimizing onsite labor requirements and reducing the impact of variables that can delay a project, such as adverse weather.

Most Common Forms Of Metal Framing:

Metal framing comes in a variety of styles and types, the most common being:

Skeleton Steel Framing System

This metal framing material method employs a “Skeleton Frame,” which comprises a structure of columns and connecting beams that support the interior floors and exterior walls of the building and carries all loads to the foundations.

Wall Bearing Steel Framing System

This method anchors the structural steel members to masonry walls using bearings, steel plates, and anchor bolts. 

Long Span Steel Framing

This method is used when steel beams and columns cannot be used and can be categorized in various types such as:

  • Girders
  • Truss
  • Arches
  • Rigid Frames

Metal Framing Construction Is The Pick For You

When it comes to construction, nothing is more important than choosing the right materials, and metal framing is the best choice for efficient results. No matter what your construction needs are, at Metal Roofing Supply, we have your construction needs covered. If you’re in Bryant, AR, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.