Choosing The Right Color For Your Roof

There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect roof color. The first thing you need to do is define the kind of look you’re going for. Do you want your home to have a modern, sleek aesthetic? Or would you rather embrace a more traditional style?

Then there’s deciding what will work best with your budget and the design goals you’ve set for yourself. Finally, it’s time to take care of business: picking out colors! But don’t worry—we’ve got some expert advice on how to choose the right one for your taste and preference.

How Color Affects Your Roof’s Appearance

Many homeowners might be tempted to go with a white or black roof because they seem like the easiest colors to maintain. However, white and black roofs tend to create a stark contrast with the landscaping and surrounding architecture, detracting from an otherwise peaceful setting. Colored roofs blend in better and give your home a more inviting atmosphere.

Metal Roofing Colors

  • Green Roofs: If you’re looking for an interesting twist on the black roof, consider installing an Ivy green or Hunter green instead. It will give your home a modern, sleek look that’s also eco-friendly and easy to maintain!
  • Blue Roofs: One of the best choices in terms of affordability and aesthetics. They can help your home stand out at night and, if you live in a warm climate where the weather is rather hot, the heat from the sun will warm up your roof and house, saving you a decent amount of money on air conditioning! You can’t go wrong with Hawaiian blue or Regal Blue.
  • Gray Roofs: If you’re all about that modern life, a gray roof might be right for you. Gray roofs are an excellent choice if you want to embrace the sleek appearance of metal materials. The cool blue tint of gray is also great if you live in an area where it gets cold during the winter, as it will help your house retain heat and keep you cozy all season. Clay, Ash Gray, and Charcoal are color options for your roof you can consider.

Check Metal Roofing Color Chart here

Metal Roofing Supply Can Help

Whether you want a chic modern look or embrace your individuality with vibrant metal roofing colors, there’s a perfect roof color for every homeowner. With the help of the best metal roofing company in the area, you can find it in no time! If you live in Arkansas and have any questions about how to pick a roof color or if you want a quote, reach out to Metal Roofing Supply.