Cut Those Metal Panels Like a Champ!

You may have the correct materials to start your metal roofing process, but cutting metal roofs is often required during the installation process. You don’t want to ruin your metal panels, so it’s crucial to educate yourself on the adequate practices and ideal tools to carry out your work.

Be Careful!

Take the necessary safety steps before cutting your metal panels to avoid injury. Protect your hands from being cut by the sharp metal panel edges by wearing gloves! Blow off any metal fillings that fall on your metal panel’s surface rather than touching them with your hands.

Be sure to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from metal filings in the air.

Use The Correct Tools!

It’s critical to use the right equipment to avoid damaging the panels or their covering. Trim work should be done with snips, whereas panel work should be done with shears and nibblers. The following are some of the best tools to use:

Aviation Snips

They are an excellent alternative for small cuts, such as those near pipe penetrations.

Electric shears are suitable for making longer cuts in steel.

Mechanical Shears

They work as a feature for an impact or screw gun. These are ideal for use on hips and valleys of standing seam panels.


They are sometimes known as turbo shears and are great for cutting window and door openings.

Skill Saws

If you only count on skill saws, that’s ok. Make sure you’re using a blade that’s made for metal panels. To avoid filings sticking to the paint finish, turn the panel upside down so that the painted side is facing the floor.

Setting The Panels

Make sure to measure and mark the cuts you’ll be making before cutting your panels. Lay your panels flat with the painted side down to mark them. Clip the panel in place with c-clamps to ensure it is stable.

Proper Technique

Make sure the snip blade is aligned with the mark before cutting. Maintain a perpendicular relationship between the blade and the metal sheet you’re cutting. For smoother lines, work slowly and make stable and consistent cuts. To avoid irregular angles, keep your cuts short. Use nibblers or motorized shears for faster, smoother cuts.

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