Look Out For These 4 Ways Winter Can Damage Your Roof

The winter season can be a very difficult time for Arkansas homeowners. Snowstorms, cold temperatures, and rainfall are some of the most common weathers that winter brings to our state. The exterior of homes can get severely damaged, especially the roof.

Winter is a harsh time for your home’s roof, and if you want to avoid costly repairs, it’s important to be prepared. With the right maintenance measures in place before winter sets in, you can prevent damage due to ice dams and snow accumulation. However, even with the best preparations in place, your roof may still need some repair work after winter ends.

Four Ways That Severe Winter Weather Can Affect Your Roof

Ice Dams

As warm air rises through an uninsulated attic space during the cold season, it melts any snow that comes into contact with your roof’s eave or rake edges. The water then runs down towards eaves or roofs where there is an opening and pushes down the ice. 

This accumulation of snow on your roof’s eave or rake edges can lead to ice dams that are difficult to remove without damaging your home’s exterior.

Snow Accumulation

In addition to ice dams, snow accumulation on your roof can also cause damage. Snow accumulated during a heavy blizzard or high winds is very difficult for homeowners to remove by themselves. This weight from the snow could lead to structural problems and even collapse your home’s exterior walls if you don’t address it in time.

Snow accumulation can also be dangerous for homeowners, especially outside while trying to remove the snow themselves. Falling off your roof is a real danger, with heavy piles of snow that could lead to serious injuries or even death.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the most common winter weather-related damages. While other types of roof repairs will cost you money, hail damage can be quite dangerous for your family’s health and safety if it isn’t dealt with immediately.

Hailstones are so large that they could cause significant damage to your home’s roof. They can break through the shingles, resulting in leaks that could cause water damage inside of your house if they aren’t fixed quickly enough.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is another common type of winter weather-related roof repair that Batesville homeowners have to deal with. Windy conditions during the cold season can blow loose metal sheets off your home’s exterior, which could lead to leaks and other types of water damages inside your house if they aren’t repaired immediately.

During strong winds or stormy weather, pay attention to any loose objects on top of your roof, such as antennas, exhaust vents, skylights, etc., so you don’t get caught by surprise when they are blown away while you’re outside cleaning up snow from the eaves. 

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