3 Helpful Tips To Hang Your Christmas Lights Safely

Fans of “The Grinch” will recall that iconic scene where “Martha Who” has this machine that hangs her Christmas lights on her entire roof in just 5 seconds. Oh, how we wish that was real! The truth is that hanging your Christmas lights can be an overwhelming job that takes you a whole day, but once you’re done, the view is worth it.

Now that you’ve struggled yourself through the dusty attic and have untangled your lights, it’s time to start hanging them up. On this blog, we have gathered the best tips to make your Christmas roof decorating a whole lot easier while, at the same time, preventing any damage to your roof.

Don’t Punch Holes In Your Roof

How many times have we seen Christmas movie characters making this huge mistake? Lots! Stapling or nailing into your roof’s metal sheets can cause water intrusion points and eventually rot your roof decking. Plus, it can lead to tiny leaks that, with time, will become a bigger issue.

Instead, try setting your lights on your roof’s eaves, which is the wooden part that surrounds it. Since this is made of wooden materials, it is easier to drill and will not damage your roof; besides, it gives the lights a more classy Christmas postcard look.

Consider Plastic Clips

One of the greatest inventions for Christmas decorators is plastic clips. These make the decorating job a whole lot easier and safer for your roof. With their help, you can clip the lights onto the gutters, shingles, or eaves of your house without causing any perforation or damage to your roof.

There is a great variety of clips depending on what type of roof you have and also what kind of lights:

  • All-in-One Clips for shingles and gutters 
  • Clay tile roof clips
  • Eave clips
  • Clips for the ridge of your roof

You can certainly find the best ones at a metal roofing materials store.

Be Extra Careful When Walking On Top

To keep your roof protected, you should minimize the amount of walking you do over it. However, if Christmas lights on the edges are not good enough and want more decoration, you might need to get on top to set the lights. Again, this is where you wish you had “Martha Who’s” Christmas lights machine, but meanwhile, it gets invented; the traditional way works just fine.

While walking on your roof, follow these instructions:

  • Wear soft shoes that have a grip, such as sneakers
  • Remove any snow to make sure you won’t slip and injure yourself
  • If any of the metal sheets look rusty or cracked, avoid walking on top of it
  • Wear protective gear such as a helmet and a back support

Anticipate & Protect 

If you know that holidays are coming up and decorating with lights is a must, it is better to prepare your roof beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises and extra costs during the decoration process. You can ensure safe decorating with high-quality metal roofing materials!

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For this Christmas, trust the best metal roofing suppliers in the state.