Cautions To Be Taken When Walking On A Metal Roof

Walking on a metal roof is probably not a good idea. People mainly walk on roofs to get onto the top or access some part of it. People who live in areas where there’s snow often find themselves walking on the roofs as they clear them off from time to time. Still, those surfaces can be slippery, especially if they have fresh powdery snow covering them.

That’s precisely why we provide you with advice on how to correctly walk on a metal roof in this blog.

Wear Shoes With Non-Slip Soles And Grips

When needing to walk on metal roofs during dry weather, wearing proper shoes with non-slip soles and grips will help prevent slips and falls while also ensuring a certain amount of grip. Boots can prevent slips that could result in injury, but they also ensure a certain amount of grip. It is suggested to buy shoes with grips under the ball of the feet and cleats at the heels for better standing balance. 

People can sometimes forget how slick metal surfaces can be, especially when it’s raining outside. This has led to many accidents involving homeowners falling off their roofs while clearing debris or inspect damage caused by previous weather events. While it might seem safer to be around on your roof during dry conditions, it is important to always wear proper footwear, 

Wear Gloves

Sometimes debris such as bird droppings, gravel, and dirt can accumulate on roofs, so homeowners must be careful not to slip on their roof when walking around. Avoiding debris build-up is easier said than done, but remember to wear to grip the metal more effectively and to protect your hands from sharp objects.  

Wear Long Sleeves And Pants

It is important to wear long pants and sleeves when working on a metal roof or other elevated surfaces. But never wear loose pants! They might get caught up in moving parts of the machinery, such as fans and propellers, which could cause serious injury. Gloves, boots, and adequate clothing keep you safe and prevent skin with sharp surface edges.

It’s recommended to stay clear of excessively hot areas, too, like chimneys and vents, because they might not appear hot but can still lead to severe burns if touched.

Clean The Roof Beforehand

It’s important to inspect and clean the roof before starting to work on it. Only when the roof is perfectly clean will you be able to see spots where repairs need to be made or evidence of past damage.

When examining your roof for any signs of problems, only walk in designated areas. Walking anywhere else can cause temporary blind spots making it difficult to detect dangerous situations such as loose gutters.

Tie Back Your Hair Or Wear A Hat

Hey! Men can wear long hair, too. And, women can also get the job done. It’s important to tie back your hair when working on a roof in wet conditions. Many people forget this simple step, but having long hair can cause it to become tangled up in rotating parts of machinery such as fans and propellers, which can then cause severe injury.

When using equipment such as shovels or rakes to clear away debris from the roof, always remember not to stand directly under other objects such as trees for safety purposes since they might get knocked over by strong winds causing damage to surrounding property.

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