Top 4 things to consider before picking the right color for metal panels

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Metal roofing and siding material have become a popular topic nowadays. Metal panels come in many different colors, and it might be hard to decide which color to pick for your house or business. Whether you are remodeling your home or building up your business, here are 4 things to consider before selecting the right color for your metal panels.

#1. House/Business Architecture Design

If you want to make sure you are picking the right color of metal panels, this is one of the most important things to consider. Why is the design so important? Well, the number one reason to pick a color is to show it off. However, if what you want is metal panels for your roof, for example, you need to consider if the design of your roof allows the color of your metal panels to be visible. Depending on that, you can decide if you need a more attractive color than the traditional one.  

#2. Metal Panel Type

Something essential to consider when picking the right color is the type of panels you are going to buy, and this decision affects the number of colors you will have available to pick from. It is a game-changer at the time of choosing the correct paint system. Metal Roofing Supply has a variety of metal panels either for roofing or siding, and you can pick from 26 different beautiful colors. 

#3. Geographical Location

You need to pay special attention to where your business or house is located. For example, if you live in a warmer location, you can pick metal roofing and siding material in brighter and more vibrant colors, like Regal blue or Hawaiian blue. If you live in a desert or plain location, you can choose warm and earthy tones like brown or burgundy. 

However, if your house or Business is located in a mountainous or forest area, you can pick earth tones that complement the surroundings.

#4. Darker vs. Lighter Colors 

Something that will definitely help you pick the right color is deciding if you will use darker or lighter options for your metal roofing or siding material. Lighter colors better reflect the sun’s heat than darker tones and protect your roof from intense temperatures that could damage the metal panel with time. 

Color Charts from the Best Metal Supplier in the US

If you haven’t made a decision yet, Metal Roofing Supply has a color chart with beautiful colors that will help you make the decision. You can also check what the best option in metal panels for your house or business roofing and siding needs on our website is. Our steel is manufactured right here in Arkansas.