Close shot of a Red Metal roofHow Can Metal Roofing Increase the Value of My Home?

Most homes have wooden or asphalt shingles. Both require regular action to protect against weathering and damage from wind or branches. Homeowners must regularly re-shingle their roofs, as the tiles are lost over time. The cost of this upkeep alone is often higher than the initial price paid for quality metal roofing.

Metal roofs provide numerous benefits, one of the most notable being that you save a considerable amount of money. This happens because no intense maintenance is required. Keeping them free of dirt and debris with a quick rinse is only needed to help retain their longevity. With construction on the rise, metal roofing is becoming a popular option. According to researchers, metal roofs are known to save the average homeowner up to 25% of annual costs, compared to traditional materials. Additionally, metal is a stronger alternative for roofing materials, withstanding hard weather and lasting longer in general.

Energy Efficiency

Most metals reflect heat energy due to their high specific heat capacity, meaning they absorb less heat overall. Most metals also emit less thermal radiation and don’t conduct heat. Since metal can reflect the heat, this can reduce electricity costs annually. Homeowners with metal roofs can expect up to a 45% decrease in heat flow due to the ventilation, which directly results in savings.


Metal materials are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Because they don’t need to be replaced or disposed of as often, metal materials save trees and landfill space, compared to conventional roofing materials. Your metal roof can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance! Metal does not contain any hazardous substances that would harm the environment when mined, making it a sustainable building material for your residential or commercial projects.