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Panel Profiles

Time to replace those warped shingles? Maybe it’s time to replace them with a quality product that will last. Come into any of our 12 locations and choose from 26 different, beautiful colors. We offer 29 gauge and 26 gauge in six different profiles backed by a 45-year warranty. It’s time to choose a more modern look to really set you apart from everyone else. Call or visit any of our courteous and friendly staff today for a quote. With as little as 48 hours turnaround time, our steel is manufactured right here in Arkansas. With over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured in Metal Roofing Supply.

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¾” Low Rib

¾” Low Rib metal roofing can be used as roof or wall panels. This panel is excellent for commercial or residential installs and can also be used on wood or steel frame structures. The ¾” Low Rib panel is a great go-to panel and a better solution to roofing than shingles. Offered in 26 different colors, ...

Estate Panel

We listen to what our customers want. A significant number of our customers wanted a more modern-looking panel and that could be used for interior/exterior design. You demanded, and we delivered, say hello to Metal Roofing Supply’s Estate Panel. Available in 26 gauge and 29 gauge, this panel is sure to give you a cutting-edge look your ...

Lock & Seam MRS-FF100

Metal Roofing Supply’s MRS-FF100 panel comes in a one-inch tall snap-lock seam. The MRS-FF100 offers a sleek, contemporary profile that is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. With its own formed nail strip, MRS-FF100 requires no clips; simply attach the panel to the roof deck with Panhead fasteners. MRS-FF100 will be available for Jobsite forming, ...

Lock & Seam MRS-SSQ275

Metal Roofing Supply’s MRS-SSQ is a 2” tall panel that combines the technology of the MRS-FF100. It requires clips and can be snap locked or seamed (using seamer in link). The SSQ will also be available for job site forming, saving you time when picking up the product. info & installation manual roof seamer ...

R Panel

R Panel comes in 1 ¼” High Rib and is commonly used in commercial applications/buildings. It can be used on roof and sidewalls and wood or metal framing. Because the R Panel has a higher rib, it makes this panel sturdier and more substantial, allowing you to span further on your support system underneath. Connect with us ...

Sonic Panel

Make your building sidewalls look cutting-edge with this designer panel. The Sonic Panel is sure to set you apart from the competition with this modern look. Measuring at 1 ½” x 2” square ribs, this panel is made to look aesthetically pleasing. Contact our team

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